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yTitle of Projectz

arrow_red An Economic Analysis of Sustainable Development in a New era with Decreasing Population and Large-scale Negative Shock to the Economy

yPurpose and Background of the Researchz

arrow_red This project aims to provide vision of sustainable development based on economic approach while focusing on recovery of large-scale natural disaster such as the Great East Japan Earthquake. In order to build new theory of suitability, it is crucial to consider factors such as decreasing population through aging society, external shocks such as natural disasters that threaten societal stability as well as sustainable growth. Moreover, we plan to analyze the effect of external shocks at multiple levels: across regions, countries, and localities within countries through collections of relevant data, we are able to further develop exiting ideas regarding sustainable growth and provide pragmatic policy recommendations.

arrow_red Previous economic researches of sustainable development assumed increasing population and economic growth focusing on developing countries. Our research reverses such trend by considering sustainable development of developed society with decreasing and aging population. Detailed study of Japan and comparison with other countries would lead to construction of suitable development model that can be applied when eventually societal maturity diffuses globally.

yTerm of Projectz

arrow_red FY2014-2018

yBudget Allocationz

arrow_red 335,500 Thousand Yen